Current Trends Of Projection Alarm Clocks

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As technology has been improving by leaps and bounds, the clock industry is also revolutionized. Replacing the traditional clocks, the atomic projection alarm clocks are making waves in the market. These clocks are not only popular in the commercial world but in the residential circles as well.

Projection Alarm Clocks Features

Atomic projection clocks saddled with alarms are not new entrants in the market. Though the clocks made their first appearance in the year 1949, the first accurate one came up only in the year 1955. Basic features of these alarm clocks are as follows

Initially the atomic products were based on caesium-133 atom transitions.

Best attribute of the clock is accuracy of time throughout the given geographical area.

Conjunction of these clocks around the world ensures unison and accuracy of time across the globe.

Getting Cleared from Frustrations of Traditional Clocks

Sometimes the use of traditional clocks could be very frustrating. Either they start losing time or their batteries just die out. In such cases the clocks requite resetting. Such problems can be easily addressed using atomic clocks having the features of alarm and capabilities of projection since they can reset themselves easily.

Functions of the Atomic Clocks

Usually the atomic projection clocks synchronize with atomic clocks in Boulder , Colorado . In result the time displayed is always perfect. These clocks have seen a lot of evolution in course of the last six decades. Since the advent of NBS-1 in the year 1954, it evolved to NIST-F1 in 1999 that is considered one of the most advanced versions of atomic clocks.

Types of Clocks

Atomic clocks are available in multiple forms that vary from the simplest to the complex ones. Major types are -

Alarm clocks that alerts the user about the upcoming event or the time to get up;

Weather stations, that informs people about indoor and outdoor temperature;

These clocks also gauge the humidity as well as the perceptions levels;

Table top clocks;

Wall mounted clocks; and the

Clocks that project digital projector displays for the users

Atomic projection clocks can be set basing on the time that could be day, month, time, or year based. Having the projection features, they can project the time, date, and temperature on the wall or some other close surface. Such displays are conveniently readable appearing in double the size of traditional wall clock digits.
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Current Trends Of Projection Alarm Clocks

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This article was published on 2010/12/03